Last Update: 18 Feb 2019
Version 8.0.4b

1. Quotations are are invited from Local Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor & Juruperunding (UPKJ) Registered Contractors for works for the under mentioned items:-




Quotation Title








Prpposed Park Warden Service at Miri Waterfront, Miri.

Document Fee : RM 30.00 (Non-refundable)



5 OR 6(b)


Licence as approved by Kementerian Dalam Negeri Malaysia Only
2 MCC/LS/QUOTE-7/2018 Proposed Landscaping Works at Lot 2138, Taman Yakin Open Space, Miri, Sarawak.

Document Fee : RM30.00 (Non-Refundable)
Works VI 5 OR 5(a) -

2. Quotations documents for the above can be obtainable from Landscape Division, Miri City Council during normal office hours upon payment of document fees in form of cash.

3. Registered licensee is required to provide the original license or certified true copy of the license issued by UPKJ. Any authorised representative of the bidder may collect the quotation document.

4. A bidder may not submit more than one  quotation in respect of this work.

5. Form of quotation shall be filled completed, signed and stamped by the bidder failing which shall be rejected.

6. Any alteration/amendment/correction etc. in whatever form shall be accompanied by signature of submitting person otherwise the quotation forms shall be rendered invalid.

7. Quotation to be submitted with a copy of the UPKJ License.

8. Quotation in sealed envelopes clearly marked the subject of the quotation must be addressed to:

The Chairman,
Quotation Opening Committee,
Public Affair Unit, Miri City Council,
Ground Floor,
Jalan Raja, 98000 Miri.

And to reach him not later than 12.00 noon on Thursday, 19th July 2018.

9. The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender received.

10. The tender will remain open for acceptance for a period of 56 days from the day of the tender close.

11. Mutilated, defaced or uncompleted tender form shall be rejected.

for City Secretary
Miri City Council

Ref: MCC/LS/ADM-122
Date: 10th July, 2018