Last Update: 18 Feb 2019
Version 8.0.4b
Resident CommitteeResident Committee

Roles and Functions of Residents Committee (RC)

Objectives of RC

The objectives of the Committee are:-

  1. to make Miri a Beautiful Resort City
  2. to enhance safety and security of the City
  3. to make Miri more lively, vibrant and attractive
  4. to encourage public participation to achieve sustainable development towards a Green City
  5. to strengthen harmony and goodwill among the community
  6. to foster a better relationship and communication between the Council and community
  7. to disseminate information and channel feedback about policies, services and programs of the Council
  8. to receive feedback on Council’s policies, services and programs.

Functions of RC

The functions of the Committee are:-

  1. to assist in the promotion of neighbourliness, harmony and cohesiveness among the residents
  2. to liaise with and make recommendations to the Council on the needs and aspirations of the residents
  3. to improve the programs and services of the Council       
  4. to upkeep civil consciousness among residents
  5. to instill the sense of ownership of our environment and public facilities provided by the relevant authorities.

Duties of Office-Bearers of the RC

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Committee.
One of the Vice-Chairmen shall preside at all meetings of the Committee in the absence of the Chairman.

The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence, keep minutes of meetings, take charge of all records, prepare the Annual Report and generally perform all duties pertaining to his office.

The Assistant Secretaries shall carry out and discharge such duties as assigned by the Secretary, and one of them shall perform the duties of the Secretary in the latter’s absence.

The Area Representatives shall assist the Committee to get to know the residents in their respective Designated Areas and to booster neighbourliness among them and to organize activities to meet the needs of the residents.

The ordinary Committee Members shall assist the Committee in carrying out all its functions and activities.

Miri Community Bureau (MCB)

All Residents Committees (RC) shall present their Progress Reports to the Mayor every four months.

The Mayor shall then present the Progress Report of the Residents Committee to Miri Community Bureau (MCB).

The MCB shall consist of the following
(a) Mayor (as Chairman)
(b) Deputy Mayor (as Deputy Chariman)
(c) City Secretary (as Secretary)
(d) City Assistant Secretary (as Residents’ Committees
(e) All Councillors (as Chairmen of the Committees).

The MCB shall meet as often as it deems necessary but it shall, in any case, meet at least once in every four months.

Annual Report

The Residents Committee shall, by 31st of March each year, submit to the Mayor an Annual Report of activities of the RC for the preceding year ending 31st December.

The Residents Committee is a new working concept being adopted by Miri City Council (MCC) as from 2009 onwards. The establishment is aiming for a closer relationship with the community, understand their needs and expectation and thereby to provide satisfactory services to them.

For the operation of the Residents' Committee, the areas under the jurisdiction of MCC have been divided into 15 zones. A group of Councillors will take charge for each zone. MCC Officer was assigned as a Liaison Officer to take charge of each zone whilst Technical Assistant and Mandor was assigned to help monitoring and reporting the performance of the selected contractor for each zone.