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Last Update: 14 Aug 2020
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1. What Is Council's Tax Assessment?

Assessment rates are local taxes imposed for ownership of rateable holding situated at Miri City Council jurisdiction.

2. Who Are The Tax Payers?

The owners of the rateable holdings are liable to pay the tax assessment rates.

3. Why Should I Pay The Tax?

Rates are essential to assist to finance the Council's expenditure in providing service to the public eg. Cleanliness, solid waste, street lighting, parks, grass cutting and maintenance.

4. When Can I Pay The Assessment Rate?

The assessessment rate can be paid twice a year :-
First half : The due date is on 31st. May.
Second half : The due date is on 31st. October.
Assessment paid after the last date for payment shall be subject to a surcharge or default fee of 1% per month.

5. Where do we make payments for utility bills and other related matters?

Miri City Council's Payment Counter at Ground Floor, Multi-storey Car parks.

For more infomation, please do not hesitate to contact any officer or staff of Miri City Council at +6085-433501.