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Miri Local Agenda 21 Organisation StructureMiri Local Agenda 21 Organisation Structure

Miri Local Agenda 21 is divided into three division which is, Miri Local Agenda 21 main committee, the Management Unit and the Implementation Working Groups of Miri Local Agenda 21.

In the early stages of the implementation of Local Agenda 21 Pilot Project in Miri, a temporary Main Committee of Local Agenda 21 was established in February 2000. On the 8 November 2000, the Miri Local Agenda 21  Main Committee has been officially formed with 57 members consisting of various representatives from various government agencies, private agencies, non-governmental organizations and corporations, individuals, community leaders and staff and Council members, Miri City Council. At that date also, the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony was held as a sign of commitment in Miri Local Agenda 21 program.