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Application Checklist For Various Licences

Application Form For Placing Of Tables At Foot Ways For Food Shop

Food Premises Conditions And Compliance Inspection Form

Licence Application Form For Conduct And Sale Of Lottery

Licence Application Form For Entertainment Licence

Licence Application Form For Food And Non Food Licence

Licence Application Form For Licence That Require Renovation Occupation Permit

Licence Application Form For Reflexology And Health Establishment

Medical Check Up Form For Food Handler

Application for Advertisement (Banners or Streamers)

Form for Public Complaints, Request , Suggestions

Desludging Request Form

Flow Chart Desludging of septic Tank

Borang Permohonan Lesen Anjing

Flow Chart Application of Dog Licence

Borang Permohonan Perkhidmatan Pungutan & Pelupusan Sampah Pukal

Carta Aliran Permohonan Perkhidmatan Pungutan & Pelupusan Sampah Pukal

Borang Permohonan Perkhidmatan Tempahan Padang, Taman & Kemudahan Rekreasi, Anak Benih & Perhiasan

Building Plan Application Request

Request for Service with respect to approved building plan and prescribed form under 2nd schedule of buildings ordinance 1994

Application for refundable tender deposit or performance bond (Surety Deposit)

Library Student Membership Card

Borang Permohonan Pelepasan Cukai Taksiran

Borang Pelbagai Jabatan Penilaian dan Pencukaian

Application For e-Billing for My Assessment Rates Bills

Application of Withdrawal of Caveat

Borang Untuk Bayaran Secara Ansuran

Submission of Claim for Rebate of Assessment Rates

Application for Rebate of Rates

Form of Notice Objection to the Amendment to Valuation List

Application for Change of Postal Address of Assessment Bill

Application form for Pet Shop & Dog Breeder

Registration of Awning Application Form (for Commercial Area)

Guideine and Policy of Awning Application

Notice of Sales or Transfer (Form F)

Building Plan Submission Checklist

Building Plan Checklist (Health Requirements)

Building Plan Checklist (Building Requirements)

Building Application Form

Building By-Law (Form A) -Certificate of Buildings/Structural Plans

Building By-Law (Form B) - Certificate of Structure

Building By-Law (Form C) - Notice of Commencement/Resumption of Building Operations

Building By-Law (Form D) - Notice of Completion of Setting Out

Building By-Law (Form E) - Notice of Completion of Excavation for Foundations

Building By-Law (Form F) - Application for the issue of Occupation Permit