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Last Update: 26 Nov 2020
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MCC: Campaign on biodegradable food packaging on-going
Posted on : 05 Nov 2020  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Yii (third left) presents biodegradable food boxes to a food operator while other councillors and others look on.

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) will continue with its awareness campaign on biodegradable food packaging for eateries in the city.

Mayor Adam Yii said this is in line with their effort to raise greater awareness on environmental issues among the food operators.

“We encourage food vendors to switch from the usual plastic to environment friendly materials like biodegradable food boxes and paper straws to pack their food,” he told the media during a walkabout at eateries in Jalan Kwang Tung and at Old Folks Street in Persiaran Kabor yesterday.

Yii, together with several councillors, also distributed flyers and biodegradable food boxes and paper straws to the food operators.

He was delighted that the food operators were very responsive to the campaign.

He also reminded food operators to comply with the Covid-19’s standard operating procedure (SOP) and the need for them to make sure their customers too comply with the SOP.