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Last Update: 29 Mar 2020
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MCC, SFC to raid places selling wildlife to prevent spread of infectious diseases
Posted on : 31 Jan 2020  Source of News: The Borneo Post

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) will conduct raids on places which have been identified to be selling wildlife or bushmeat in an effort to curb the spread of infectious viruses from animals.

Miri Mayor Adam Yii said this was among some of the immediate measures by the taken by the authorities here to prevent the spread of infectious viruses from animals such as the novel coronavirus, which is believed to have originated from bats and snakes.

“The people need to stop activities involving wild animals. We want to let the people know that we (the authorities) do not allow such activities,” he said when chairing the full council meeting today.

He said as the public was worried about the spread of the coronavirus, MCC will work together with the wildlife unit of SFC to monitor activities that involve wild animals.

Meanwhile, Yii disclosed that the local authorities were not allowed to make any statement on coronavirus cases, as such statements can only come from the State Disaster Management Committee headed by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

“We will not make any statement apart from advising members of the public to refrain from getting involved in activities where wild animals are present,” he remarked.

At the meeting, Yii also agreed to the proposal for all cooks in restaurants and coffee shops to wear face masks that covers their mouth and nose when preparing food.

They are also urged to wear an apron, a hat and gloves to ensure good hygiene and quality of food prepared.