MCC mulls stations for puffers
Posted on : 22 Jan 2020  Source of News: New Sarawak Tribune

MIRI: The city Council (MCC) will carry out a study within this month to establish smoking stations for puffers following the ban on smoking at eateries nationwide beginning Jan 1 this year.

Mayor Adam Yii said the council plans to provide areas to accommodate smokers following the implementation of the no-smoking policy by the Ministry of Health.

He said the establishment of the smoking stations would help keep smokers away from non-smoking areas.

Yii commended the Health Ministry for implementing the smoking ban at all food and beverages outlets in the country effective last Wednesday.

“That’s the way to go to discourage people from smoking,” he said.

Beginning January 1 this year, those found smoking in prohibited areas, would be issued a compound of RM250 for the first and second offences.

The compound will be increased to RM350 for the third and subsequent offences.

Meanwhile, a coffeeshop owner, Annie Tiong, has expressed her delight over the smoke-free policy.

No smoking zone sign at a coffeeshop at Jalan Kwangtung here.

“At least I don’t have to clean cigarette butts on the floor anymore when the smoking ban comes into full force,” she said.