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Dengue cases in Taman Tunku soar to 41
Posted on : 10 Sep 2019  Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

MIRI: Dengue cases in Taman Tunku have soared to 41 within this week since the outbreak started on July 26.

“The two new cases were reported recently,” said Miri Mayor Adam Yii when met yesterday morning before the commencement of ‘Gotong Royong Perdana’ held in Taman Tunku.

He added more effective steps should be carried out to fight dengue.

Ripin (holding the loudspeaker) launches the ‘gotong royong’ event. On Ripin’s left is Lukanisman while on his right is Yii.

“Among the initiative or approaches that we can carry out is ‘gotong royong’ (cooperation by members of a community to achieve a common goal) involving not only government agencies but also residents.

“I believe we must raise their awareness on taking care of their surrounding and getting rid of the mosquitoes’ breeding grounds,” he said.

Nearly 700 people from various agencies and residents of Taman Tunku took part in the ‘Gotong Royong Perdana’ which kicked off at 7.30am.

Yii lauded the positive response from residents who took time to take part in the ‘gotong royong’.

Cr Karambir (second left), Cr Julaihi Mohamad (second right) and Lukanisman (right) getting ready for the event.

“It is something that we (the city council) always wanted to do, engaging residents to fight the outbreak.”

Yii also expressed his concern over the increased dengue cases.

“Within a week, we received two dengue cases in Taman Tunku, signalling that we are in dire need of approaches to stop the disease from spreading,” he said.

Excited participants.

Meanwhile, both Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni and Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat praised Miri City Council (MCC) for organising the ‘gotong royong’.

“The preventive efforts should not be shouldered by the local council alone; the community also plays a crucial part in helping to ensure their surrounding is clean and there is no dengue outbreak,” said Lukanisman.

Also present were deputy mayor Cr Julaihi Mohamad and the event’s organising chairman Karambir Singh.

Participants being given a can of mosquito spray.