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Praises for MCC staff
Posted on : 10 Sep 2019  Source of News: Sarawak Tribune

MIRI: Every organisation can maintain their level of excellence if all employees are committed in performing their respective tasks, says Miri Mayor Adam Yii.

“They (staff) should always want to provide excellent work quality when carrying out their duties.

“This attitude should be instilled in the workforce to keep the company in good standing.

“Therefore, I would like to call on all Miri City Council (MCC) staff to remain committed and disciplined as they carry out their duties and responsibilities,” he said when launching the MCC Family Day at Luak Esplanade here, yesterday.

Yii (centre) with MCC staff at the Family Day.

In addition, he said employees should strive to maintain harmony among themselves at all times, be loyal to the company and always be ready to provide the best service possible.

“I have high confidence that the MCC will be an excellent agency if the community provides unparalleled support to the organisation,” Yii stressed further.

He added that close working relationships between employees within an organisation would also facilitate the implementation of each planned development programme.

Meanwhile, commenting on the Family Day, he said the event provided an opportunity for staff to relax while also fostering closer relationships among the employees as well as family members.

Also present were Miri deputy mayor Julaihi Mohamad and MCC secretary Morshidi Fredrick.