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Solution for air condition problem at Petroleum Museum to be solved soon
Posted on : 30 Aug 2019  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Ting (right) and Yii standing next to one of the fans placed inside the Petroleum Museum.

MIRI: The tender for repair of the air-condition system at the Petroleum Museum at Canada Hill here will be issued in October to finally solve the problem of air conditioning in the building which has dragged on for years.

Speaking to reporters during an inspection at the museum yesterday, Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Sebastian Ting said after going through all the process, the repair work which will take approximately eight to nine months will start early next year after the tender has been awarded.

“I have spoken to the Public Works Department (JKR) Miri Divisional engineer Chong Chi Fam and according to him the state government has approved the amount of RM1.3 million for the repair of the air-conditioning system, including the electrical cabling in the museum.”

Ting added that he would propose to his ministry to get Miri City Council (MCC) to maintain the museum because at the moment it has only a staff of four none of whom is in the technical section.

“In the council we have the manpower such as the engineers and so on so I think it would be a good idea for MCC to maintain it, otherwise the museum staff would have to call their headquarters in Kuching if there is any problem and that would take time,” he said.

Ting acknowledged the importance of maintaining the museum as it is the place where students and visitors will get to learn about the history of Miri Well No. 1 fondly known as the ‘Grand Old Lady’ which is the first oil well in the country when it first struck crude oil on Dec 22, 1910.

The museum receives more than 50 visitors daily on normal days and more than 100 visitors daily during the holidays. The air-conditioning problem has been an issue at the museum for years and the museum is currently using 10 standing fans to cool the place.

Also present during the inspection yesterday were MCC mayor Adam Yii and other councilors.