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MCC denies dog catching team shooting dogs within house compound
Posted on : 15 Oct 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) condemned some irresponsible social media users for falsely accusing the council’s dog catching team of shooting dogs within the house compound.

This slanderous accusation towards MCC was widely spread since the last two days, including in the social media.

MCC, in a press statement issued today, said they had conducted an internal investigation and confirmed that the slanderous accusation was untrue.

Based on the evidence of photos posted in the Facebook, the MCC said the dogs were outside the gate.

“Logically it (the accusation) is also unsustainable. How to retrieve the dog if it is shot within someone’s house compound? Then what is the point of shooting the dog if you can’t retrieve it?” said MCC.

Moreover, MCC said they did not receive any report nor complaint on its dog catching teams shooting dogs within the house compound. MCC is calling for cooperation from the dog owners to lodge a report with the local council immediately if such shooting has ever occurred.

The MCC said their dog catching team is well trained and their operation strictly complies with standard operating procedures.

“There is a clear instruction to the teams to only catch dogs roaming on the streets and in public places and not to intrude into any private compound.”

In the mean time, MCC said they would have to intensify its efforts in Miri.

In the campaign to bring rabies outbreak in Miri under control, MCC would need the full support, understanding and cooperation from the public and will always place human lives above anything else.