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MCC gets research team to rid Waterfront Riverside Jetty of pungent odour
Posted on : 02 Oct 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Julaihi (third right), together with the research team headed by Prof Ku Halim (left), inspecting the site at Miri Waterfront Riverside Jetty yesterday.

MIRI: In a bid to solve the pungent odour issue at the newly completed Miri Waterfront Riverside Jetty, a research team from Sirim Berhad has been invited to investigate the situation.

The representative and leader of the research team, Prof Dr Ku Halim Hamid, said the team will be monitoring the situation and obtain water samples from around the jetty.

“We could be looking at water pollution that comes from the drain and the source of the pollution could possibly be restaurants nearby. But we will wait for the result from the test on water samples before making any conclusion,” he said.

Nevertheless, he added, they are considering putting microbes into the water to clean up pollutants and clear the odour.

It is said that microbes are known for the ability to break down huge range of organic compounds and absorb inorganic substances.

Ku Halim added that Sirim would be working with the city council and the public, in looking for ways to reduce and eliminate the cause of pollution.

Deputy mayor Julaihi Abdullah, who was with the team, revealed that the city council would be working closely with Sirim for a long term solution.

“The pungent odour could possibly be due to organic and inorganic compounds that come from restaurants and automobile repair shops nearby. We will wait for the result and surely we have already had plans once it is confirmed,” he said.

Julaihi added that warning would be issued to premises found dumping organic and inorganic waste into the water.

He also said residents at Kampung Air would be given warning by the city council and stern action would be taken anyone not heeding the warning.

“The main reason MCC built the Miri Waterfront Riverside Jetty is to create a good avenue and new attraction for people of Miri and visitors.

“However, it turned into a disappointment as the pungent odour from the water tarnished the beautiful scenery and reputation of Miri as resort city.”

Created as a new attraction, the pungent smell from the water has more or less tarnished the reputation of the new landmark.