Client Charter

1. Engineering/Process and approve building plans documents within 14 working days of receipe of the pl
2. Treasury: Kami memastikan bil, tututan gaji dan elaun kakitangan Majlis yang disokong dengan dokumen
3. Engineering/Issue certificate of occupation permit (OP) within to days after receipt of Form F
4. Engineering/Take action on complaints regarding unauthorized structures within 1 week.
5. Engineering | application for road permit will be approve within three days provided that all the do
6. Enginnering | faulty signal light will be taken within two days
7. Engineering | complaints on damage drain will be repaired within 2 week
8. Engineering | complaints on cliff/landslide will be taken within one day
9. Engineering| minor road repairs will be take action within two days
10. Engineering | all engineering plans will be processed within a month
11. Enforcement | to process application for hanging banners and approve it within one (1) working day,
12. Enforcement | to return merchandise that was comfiscated within 30 miuntes, if it complies with the
13. Public Health /We will ensure that food premises license applications are approved within 14 days af
14. Public Relation | send a Compact Form (Talikhidmat system) to the section concern within 1 working d
15. Public Relation | provide feedback to the complainant within 7 days of the complaint (s) received an
16. Public Relation | Provide feedback to TALIKHIDMAT CENTER within 3 days of receiving a complaint from
17. Public Relation |prepare monthly reports on the status of the complaint to the Standing Comittee for
18. Rating & Valuation | generate and print annually assessment bills to all rate payers on February
19. Rating & Valuation/ processing applications for installment payments of assessment rates will be wit
20. Rating & Valuation |updating records within 5 working days for the purposes of the Transfer of holdi
21. Treasury |we ensure that the bills , claims , wages and allowances of the staff with supported docum
22. Rating & Valuation | impose assessment rates on owner property on the 1st. day of the following mon
23. Rating & Valuation | updating records within 5 working days for the purpose of changing mailing add
24. Treasury | we promise to accept the process MBM utility bills (SBBS) with efficiency and intergrity
25. Treasury | Kami akan memastikan penyediaan Penyata Kewangan Tahunan Persekutuan (PPKP) dengan tepat
26. Treasury | Kami akan memberikan latihan yang sistematik dan berkualiti kepada kakitangan Majlis.
27. Public Library |borrowing of books for each member of the library will be process within 3 minutes
28. Public Library | Returning of the book for each member of the library process within 2 minutes
29. Public Library |the registration process for each member of the library is process within 20 munites
30. Public Library | membership renewal process for each member of the library within 10 minutes
31. Car Parks | appealing results of the parking compound will be known within 7 days
32. Car Parks | receive payment for the bas rental parking and cottage/ counter purchase bus tickets
33. Car Parks | received payment of car parking space for Private Parking
34. Car Parks | Semua pemeriksaan kompaun letak kereta diketahui dalam masa 10 minit.
35. Public Health | We will ensure that the renewal of license is completed within a week
36. Public Health | we will ensure that the approval an issuance of entertaiment permises license within
37. Public Health | We will ensure that 100% food handlers had performed medical checkup before approvin
38. Public Health | we will ensure that the control measures carried out within 48 hours after reported
39. Landscape | Seedlings application will be process within three (3) working days
40. Landscape | Application for potted flowers processing will be within three (3) working days
41. LA21 |Promotional activities for LA21 atleast 6 times a year
42. Landscape |Take action on complaints received within seven (7) working days
43. LA21 |To organized 12 events by outside agencies for increasing commitment by stkeholders in the pro
44. LA21 | to organize atleast 4 environmental awareness activities with villages communities to increas
45. LA21 | briefing / awareness talks with the community and the school at least once a month
46. Public Cleansing/to ensure that the collection of garbage in urban and housing areas are conducted i
47. Public Cleansing | to ensure that tha public toilets under the supervision of Miri City Council rece
48. Public Cleansing/ To ensure that all complaints will be investigated and notified to the complainant
49. Public Cleansing/Application for desludging process will be within 5 working days
50. Public Cleansing | To ensure that the cleaning of all the roads, streets and open spaces in the city
51. Public Cleansing | To ensure that the beach cleaning at Taman Selera, Luak Esplanade and Beraya are