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Posted on : 03 Apr 2018  Source of News: MCC

The Miri City Mayor's Award 2018 features on what achieved today which contributed largely by its own people, who have strong ownership and towards their belief in this wonderful city. Despite having more than 20 diversified ethnic groups with various racial and religious belifes, they are united and live harmoniously. This is one of the major uniqueness in Miri. There are also people, be it individual, group of people and organizations out there continuously striving and support Local Authorities initiatives to promote and sustain Miri as A Vibrant, Green, Most Live able Resort City.

In the year 2018, Miri City will celebrate its 13th year anniversary. Next year will also be "Discover Miri Uniquely Borneo" a year ahead before Visit Sarawak Year 2019 & two years ahead prior to Visit Malaysia Year 2020.

The Miri City Mayor's Award 2018 will be incorporated in 13th Miri City May Fest 2018 highlights of events. The Mayor Tourism Award Categories consisting of (i) individual, (ii) group of people, (iii) Organizations / Associations / NGOS and (iv) Company & private Sector. The scopes of awards will includes the (i) Environment - Contributions toward Green, Clean Environment, (ii) Safety & Security - Initiatives on Communities Safety and Security, (iii) Tourism Promotions - Initiative with Big Impact in Attracting Tourists to Miri and (iv) Mayor's Special Awards (individuals or corporation).

Among all these, the criteria under this Award falls under (i) Environment, (ii) Safety & Security, (iii) Tourism Promotions consisting of (Shopping Mall, Hotels & Accommodations, Dinning Food Operators, Tour Operators and Transport Servives) and (iv) Mayor's Special Awards.

The objectives of The Miri City Mayor's Award 2018 consisting of recognizing passionate, community minded citizens and organizations who have significantly contributed, demonstrated extraordinary efforts towards making Miri a wonderful City - Vibrant, Green, Most Live able Resort City, not just for themselves but for their neighbours, friends, tourists and the communities at large. Secondly, it is to encourage more communities to be further engaged voluntarily and continue sustain and preserve our City's Vision.