Last Update: 15 Dec 2018
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MCC needs public cooperation on cleanliness
Posted on : 09 Jan 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post

MIRI: The Miri City Council (MCC) will continue to put strong emphasis on cleanliness at public places in the effort to make 2018 a successful tourism year for the city.

Its mayor Adam Yii said total cooperation from Mirians on cleanliness at public places and at eateries is vital to make Miri the place for tourists to visit.

Speaking to media during MCC’s meet-the-people session at Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) recently, Yii said it would be tough for the council to maintain the cleanliness of the city without total support from the people themselves.

“Total cooperation from the people is pertinent. Otherwise the aspiration to make Miri a clean and green Resort City will not be fully achieved.”

He pointed out that the council as well as the Health Department will constantly inspect and monitor all eateries to ensure food operators keep their premises clean and the food is hygienically prepared for public consumption.

“As this year is tourism year for the city, we are going to put more attention on cleanliness including the public toilets throughout the city.

“Thus, we are going to conduct a cleanliness operation soon to check cleanliness at public premises.”

On the meet-the-people session, he said the council received a total of 11 requests and complaints on council services, including four requests on drain maintenance for various areas in Senadin, Pujut, Lopeng and Riam.

Other complaints received were on illegal dumping, maintenance of road, one request each for spotlight and signboard, vector control, maintenance of council market and tree trimming.