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‘Encouraging response from villagers to join Residents Committee’
Posted on : 13 Feb 2017  Source of News: Borneo Post

MIRI: Residents in Pujut areas turned up in large numbers to register with its Residents Committee (RC) during an exercise organised by the Miri City Council (MCC) yesterday.

Chairman of Pujut RC, councillor Peter Chia said the member registration exercise took place at Sevenew Woo Fook Restaurant in Pujut 7 here.

“This event which started from 2pm until 5pm received good response from the people in Pujut areas.

“The number of people who came forward to register with Pujut RC has exceeded 200 members as at 4pm,” he told reporters covering the event.

Also present were Miri mayor Adam Yii and councillor Bhagwan Singh who is also the co-chairman of Pujut RC.

Chia said Pujut RC has set up five sub committees to improve and better manage MCC services to the local community.