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MCC to review garbage collection policy
Posted on : 27 Jan 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) will review its policy on garbage collection in the city, particular at commercial areas.

Its mayor Adam Yii said such was vital in an effort to improve the implementation of the council’s garbage collection.

“There are many aspects that we have to look into in order to continue keeping the city clean and to ensure Miri is free from indiscriminate dumping,” he told the media after making site visits to various garbage collection areas throughout the city yesterday.

YIi said in general, the council’s contractors would carry out the garbage collection at commercial centres once a day.

He said the council had plans to review the garbage collection policy by increasing the collection frequency to perhaps twice a day.

He also said the council had a plan to reschedule its rubbish collection at commercial centres to be conducted after 5pm to avoid ‘overfilled’ garbage bins the next day.

Yii said the council would continue to monitor the garbage collection frequently and to find a way to improve their garbage collection services.

He thus wanted total support from members of the public not to throw their household waste at non-dumping sites.

“We hope the residents will utilise the bins provided and refrain from dumping rubbish indiscriminately especially on road verges, road reserves or open spaces.

‘This irresponsible action is not only an eyesore but it will also create potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease-bearing insects.”

He welcomed members of the public giving their opinion on ways to stop the indiscriminate dumping.

“They can also report to us if they are unhappy with the garbage collection services provided by the contractor.”